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Rocky Coast Family Acupuncture

Rocky Coast Family Acupuncture is a small group of health care professionals doing acupuncture in Portland, Maine. Our life work centers on bringing the time-tested, powerful modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture into our modern, fast-paced world. We are a committed team who combines our unique backgrounds and philosophies to accommodate and connect with people facing various disorders and representing different walks of life.

Our commitment to you

At Rocky Coast Family Acupuncture we care about and connect with our clients deeply. We believe everyone has a right to be listened to, taken care of and valued. We deliver on this promise. We work closely with you to release your body’s natural abilities to heal at all levels — body, mind and spirit. We aim to empower people, so that you, in turn, might experience life to its fullest.

Success Stories

  • "Acupuncture is...STARTING A FAMILY. It's realizing I can get pregnant, time focused on my entire well-being, and a healing relationship. And, I cannot disregard that, to me, it's Jason and Beth. I have such high regard for them. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else."  
  • "Acupuncture is... Jason's friendship, hope of healing, freedom from prescription drugs, and the joy of deep relaxation. It is a way to liberate the body's natural healing paths. It really is HOPE."  
  • "Acupuncture is... An hour of meditation for someone who never meditated. It's clarity, a break from everything, a time to think. It's therapeutic for every part of life. It's something I never knew I needed so badly and now cannot live without."  
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  • "Acupuncture is... Wanting to run out of the clear blue, realizing there's life without pain, and taking an hour to myself each week. It's my not knowing how it works, just that it works. It's dialogue, friendship, and healing. It's energy and calmness all in one."  
  • "In our society, everything is so fast. Acupuncture has taught me to slow down. To look at myself, listen to what's going on with my body, and pay attention to the mind and body connection."


Acupuncture is a holistic, energy-driven approach to health care based upon thousands of years of clinical knowledge.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

We frequently use Chinese Herbal Medicine along with acupuncture for powerful results.


Food can be an incredible vehicle to enhance health and well-being

Sound Therapy

We use the vibrations of tuning forks to complement our acupuncture treaments.


A therapy designed to stimulate the flow of blood and Qi by applying suction through a small glass or plastic cup.



Moxibustion, or moxa, is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy to warm acupuncture points.


Building on traditional acupuncture, this relatively new method intensifies care by introducing electric stimulation.

Gua Sha Treatment

Gua Sha treatment is a Traditional Chinese Medicine pain treatment.


Massage is a terrific complement to Traditional Chinese medicine.


210 Western Avenue

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207 775 2059

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Monday to Friday: 8 AM – 7 PM

Saturdays: 9 AM – 12 PM

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